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Welcome to our Norwich Web Design blog. We are CD2 Solutions, a small technology company based in Norwich. Our services include Web Design, IT Services, Marketing, Web Hosting and more. Our clients range from the big to the small and we always deliver the best, with many using our combined to get a jump start, giving them essential services in getting their computers up and running, and company website, initiial marketing and emails up a running.

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Using 3D Imagery to Present Products

One of the most important aspects of any business is presenting what exactly they do to potential customers. Traditionally through the use of photographs and descriptions, products and services are presented in as attractive a light as possible. There are two major challenges that come in presenting ones product(s): Quality and Worth. Quality is self explanatory [&hellip

AdWords: A Quick Route to Success?

Saving you a little time The aim of every internet marketer is to get noticed above the noise of the rest of the web. Now there are many ways this can be done, be it through social media, direct advertising, video marketing etc etc. One of the best ways to show your superiority though is [&hellip

Social Media Icons

Designed for Clickability Social Media has taken over the world. Or at least it has certainly made it a much smaller place. By facilitating conversations being people who don’t even have to leave their home, it has made us all far more interconnected. Along with this rise to the forefront of our lives so have [&hellip

Should you pay to increase Web Traffic

The pros and cons of online ads Services like AdWords are a great tactic to drive more hits to your website. Without having to pay upfront for SEO services, you can be sure to be near the top of Google and reap the rewards which come with having good website traffic. Sometimes however, it isn’t [&hellip

Watching out for Unethical SEO

Sneaky techniques will get you nowhere Search Engine Optimisation is nowadays one of the most important parts of growing your online business, and with the online side of business taking precedence – it can be the difference between success and failure. There are two things about SEO though – it takes time and is not [&hellip

Protecting the Integrity of your Password.

Passwords, we all have them, and if you are anything like me, you have a lot. Your passwords can be a powerful tool, protecting the integrity of your, or you companies, digital information. They both give you the protection and satisfaction of secure data, as well as shun those who might wish to gain access [&hellip

Creating your ecommerce Website

Making the best of yourself online There were times when only those with big budgets could compete in the online marketplace. They could outbid your AdWords, and put ad banners everywhere to make sure everybody was going to their place. Those days are gone though, the increase of social media makes it easy and cheap [&hellip

How to use social networking for business

Getting your business with the times The use of Facebook and Twitter in the workplace often conjures up thoughts of lost productivity and the negative impact it has on a working day. However, nowadays you have to think of social media as another business tool helping you to do business. Marketing departments in the past [&hellip

Why PDFs are still the best way to showcase your products

Where have they all gone The use of PDFs as a method of distributing information about your products and services was at one point the done thing. However since the proliferation of rich HTML websites and fast loading webpages, PDFs have, in general been reduced to specification sheets and little else. That is except for [&hellip

Proactively avoiding Email Marketing Mistakes

Avoid Pitfalls, reap the rewards So you’ve decided to do some email marketing. Seems like a good plan and if you’ve considered everything carefully then you could be about to receive a great boost to your business. People are going to start getting emails showing them just what a great company you are, and the [&hellip