Norwich Web Design: CD2 Solutions

We are CD2 Solutions Ltd. Specialising in Web Design, Web Development as well as IT and Computer Services. Our Website Design and Website Development services have served companies throughout the country and we are especially proud of the work we have done with local companies near us in Norfolk, developing and designing websites of all sizes.

For Specific Information about the work we do see the blog posts relating to our work below.

Cheap Web Design?

What is cheap web design? – We recently started an offer where until the end of March we are creating small websites for £245. Whilst there are others who offer a similar price point for their websites, we only do bespoke website design – ie somebody (me) sits down with a blank screen at the

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Special Offer: Website Design from £245

March is always an exciting time of year, spring starts and people are really getting into the swing of the year. We at CD2 have been getting our teeth into lots of new projects and are looking to start spring with a bang.

Efficient Bespoke Website Offer

Many smaller businesses do not have much of a web presence if at all when all they need is a small website neatly packaged with there company name as a domain and five pages: Homepage, Products, Services, About Us, and Contact Us.

All the websites we create as part of this offer will be bespoke designs – We Never use Templates.

If you are interested in putting your best foot forward with an amazing website then click here to contact us or just give us a call on 01603

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Web Hosting

Website speed is such a critical factor which is often not factored in until after the website is set up. Users will typically not wait more then a few seconds these days before getting bored and leaving and there is no point driving hundreds of users to your website if they don’t stay long enough for you to make your impression.

We host websites on dedicated servers which make your sites zip along, and due to the scalable nature of the hosting the cost is usually no more than it would cost you for shared hosting but rather than sharing your hosting with many thousands of different users, only a few populate the servers giving your site the speed it needs to make the right impression

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Norwich Web Design

We are CD2 Solutions Ltd. Specializing in Web Design, Web Development as well as IT and Computer Services. To showcase our blog and other resources to do with Norwich Web Design we created this site.

Norfolk Website Design

As Website Designers, we have given local companies an amazing web present with bespoke designs that show the side of their company which they want to put out into the world.

Norfolk Website Development

We use the latest in web standards to ensure even the smallest local company website is housing the latest in web technology, allowing the customer to easily make their own changes and understand exactly what is out there.

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Starting out with WordPress

This isn’t a guide, thought I should get that out of the way before misleading….

Rather this is us starting out in WordPress.

When we started out as a web design company we were relatively inexperienced and very small. It had been through circumstance that we got offered some web design and work and thus a company was born (obviously it would be nice if it were that simple but for the purpose of this lets pretend it were). The websites we produced reflected the fact that we were more experienced in design than coding and thus we made lovely looking websites however they were static. Built in Dreamweaver hand coded in html

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