pdflogo Why PDFs are still the best way to showcase your products

Where have they all gone

The use of PDFs as a method of distributing information about your products and services was at one point the done thing. However since the proliferation of rich HTML websites and fast loading webpages, PDFs have, in general been reduced to specification sheets and little else. That is except for larger companies which have still taken the time to produce ‘glossy’ brochures in PDF form.

This decline is probably driven by the feeling the one high quality webpage can show off your product and that is it. Thus you can save time and money by not bothering with the PDF. However, by overlooking high quality PDFs, you are overlooking an opportunity to show off your products and services in a highly distributable, high quality way.

Consistency in design

Websites are annoying. Or rather the browsers are. I’m not going to go into debate about which browser is the best (hint: its google chrome) but the fact is differences between web browsers creates a headache for web developers. That is because differences in the way they render content means the display of your webpage is different between browsers. Now, any decent web developer (of which I’d call myself) ensures that these differences are minimal, but things change outside of our control at times.
The great thing about using PDFs is their consistency in design. It is one of the reason that it is the main generally accepted way to send things to a professional printers. It will perfectly keep the layout, colours and quality of the images wherever you host it. You can email them out to clients, print them off as fliers and generally use them as a great sales and marketing tool. Basically you can ensure that the PDF you produce today will look the same next year, on their phone, tablet or presumably smart scarf…

Ease of distribution

PDFs are neat packages of presentation. Everything is self-contained and with internet speeds nowadays, they are virtually instantly available. You can use them to supplement the product page on your website, and email them around to clients.

The most advantageous point of PDF distribution is the compatibility. With downloadable PDF readers being free and, in many cases, pre-installed on people’s devices, you can be sure that everybody can view your creation.

Our Process

The PDFs we create are some of the work we are most proud of. From one off leaflet style PDFs, to a series of product PDFs mixing our amazing 3D Imagery with technical product descriptions all around the companies theme. The most common use of PDFs is as a product brochure of sorts, and we integrate them with current product placement on your website to create a consistent look and stunning feel.

You can click here to see high quality PDFs we’ve made, and to get some of your own just give us a call.