strategy smaller 620x412 Is Email Marketing Right for your Business?

Different things for different people

I’ve written in the past about email marketing and how it can work for you but today I wanted to touch on whether or not it should. Whilst email marketing, both design and distribution, is a big part of our Digital Media service, I actually rarely encourage businesses to do it. In fact, I have more often than not, advised them against it.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t do it, more be wary. If you’re not willing to put forward the resources to do it properly, don’t do it at all. Moreover, maybe email advertising isn’t good for your company.

No such thing as a free lunch

One of the ways we help with a company’s web advertising is through email marketing. This basic tool can help you expand your client database plus increase your earnings without having to spend huge amounts of money for advertising purposes.


What I said above is true. Email Advertising does not cost huge amounts of money. Compared to other direct advertising you really can get away with a fraction of the budget.

What it isn’t however, is free. I once visited a company who were looking for an advertising consultant because everything they were doing was producing such small results. Put of that was email advertising. They had got their webmaster to put up a sign up box and they had collected emails which they were sending out themselves.

No professional design, no analytics on the emails, no standards based checking.

Email marketing can be a low cost way to advertise, but don’t try to cut corners to make it even cheaper.

Tell me about yourself in 5 words

If you’ve ever gone to Networking meetings then you may have heard the term elevator pitch. Essentially it’s the ability to quickly and concisely explain what you do – much like if trying to tell somebody in the course of an elevator ride.

There are lots of parallels in email marketing. If you are anything like me, you probably get lots of marketing emails through the day. I would estimate that on a good day, I initially give each one a 5 – 15 second read. It has to make a quick impression.

Can you make a case for your business in such a short space of time? If you are selling security products for instance then sure – you might have a camera on sale, big letters a picture and you’re done. What about if you are selling defibrillators? Much smaller range and does the customer know about them?

In the second case your email is going to be ignored by all but the most interested, and frankly they probably didn’t need to prompt about your business in the first place.

Keep it simple, and if you can’t, then probably give it a miss. There are better ways to get across complex products and services.

Do what’s best for you

Email marketing nowadays can be a bit of a minefield. With lots of people doing it you have to assess whether what you have to say is good enough to warrant a place in potential customers inboxes. We all get a lot of email these days and it is just a easy to put people off your business as it is to draw them in.

Email marketing genuinely is one of the best ways to get your business name out to people and draw them to your site. If it is something you believe can work for your business then great, but make sure it’s done right.