emailmarketing 620x445 Proactively avoiding Email Marketing Mistakes

Avoid Pitfalls, reap the rewards

So you’ve decided to do some email marketing. Seems like a good plan and if you’ve considered everything carefully then you could be about to receive a great boost to your business. People are going to start getting emails showing them just what a great company you are, and the extra web traffic and interest should really boost your sales.

Just don’t make any mistakes…

As a business owner, you are presumably looking to gain an advantage over the competition by creating additional business opportunities. However, this process of active advertising, forcing your way into a potential client’s inbox comes with pitfalls. Now, these pitfalls can be avoided with some forethought and planning on your part.

Understand what you are doing

The first thing to do in order to avoid email mistakes is to understand that not all email marketing is beneficial. There are many ways to embark on it, but none is perfect, and even the most adept of strategies is susceptible to mistakes.

This can involve things that you have a direct influence on such as not understanding the best time to send out your emails, or using language which your audience can connect with. Maybe you should be following up positive responses but not using the data to do so. Maybe you cannot handle the influx of new clients or maybe you get picked up by spam filters.

Spam: What, Why, How?

With so many spam emails going out these days, spam filters can be notoriously sensitive. This does not have to be a bad thing though, not getting picked up by a spam filter validates your authenticity in the eye of the receiver. Unfortunately it is all too easy not to get through.

You can write thousands upon thousands of words about the technicality of spam filters and what it is that picks it up. But here are the simple things, don’t blatently advertise with SPECIAL OFFER all over it because it looks like spam. Also send email through a marketing consultant, or reputable software, because reputation means everything in the world of spam filters.

And you don’t want a bad one.

Test you audience

Above I mentioned about not understanding your recipients. To be honest that’s an inevitable problem at first that every new campaign is going to have. The mistake is not being proactive in learning about the best way to connect with your audience.

A/B Testing is the process of sending out half your email blast to one set of people and half to another. The campaigns should be identical apart from one thing that you want to test. By doing this, you can establish best sending times, subject lines, content and more – get to know your customers.
Use your data

After sending out your marketing campaigns, you are going to have a lot of information. If you go though a marketing consultant you will probably be given reports. You will be able to tell who opened the email, who didn’t, who clicked etc. Where appropriate make sure to follow up and whatever you do, take advantage of what you have.

Whatever you do in email marketing, do it with thought and consideration. Take extra care because people will generally say they don’t like advertising but in reality, most just don’t like bad advertising.