emailer Why you should use an Email Marketing Consultant

Doing it yourself may cost more than you think.

I’ve talked in the past on a few occasions about how a good email marketing campaign can benefit your business in many ways and it can – when done right. I’ve found myself lately coming across a few businesses who have taken it upon themselves to run this campaign. This is not always a bad thing, a bit a DIY marketing can be a good way to boost your business without the cost. However there are many pitfalls that I see these businesses fall into.

This is where you need expertise for email marketing. This expertise can readily come from email marketing consultants (like us!) – people who have seen these problems, can anticipate them and plan your campaign to make it run properly and efficiently.

Who to look for?

There are some companies which organise and distribute campaigns of emails which you give to them. Now unless you have an in-house web designer/developer who can put these together then get a company who does the design as well as the sending. I am often in a position where I am dealing with people who have designed something they think will work as an email – often it wont! Get a professional to design it.

With this in mind, you are looking for two things – experience and stats.

What experience have you got?

I have experienced myself many of the problems that crop up from sending out email campaigns. Whether that’s getting picked up by overzealous spam filters, getting abnormal hard bounces or seeing peculiar click rates.

Many of these things did not happen at first – but appeared seemingly randomnly later. They weren’t actually random but were bought upon by various conspiring factors. The point is you want and company that has been sending out emails for a while so you aren’t going to get any nasty surprises.

What stats have you got?

I love stats. They are everywhere, and it’s the same with email marketing. I can show you who opened which email, when, how many times and what they did with it – for every single campaign. We are very proud of our stats because through research of sending times and user activity, we achieve 50% higher than industry average stats for openings and interactions.

Ask for stats from any potential email marketer, if the company is good then they’ll be proud of them. – Also obviously make sure they’re not fabricated.

So can you do this yourself??

If you understand hard and soft bounces, role based emails, potential syntax errors, what spam filters like and don’t, how email servers will handle your email and importantly, how to design an html email then yes.

Otherwise give us a call and we’ll talk.