adwords marketing 620x414 AdWords: A Quick Route to Success?

Saving you a little time

The aim of every internet marketer is to get noticed above the noise of the rest of the web. Now there are many ways this can be done, be it through social media, direct advertising, video marketing etc etc. One of the best ways to show your superiority though is simply to be the first result on the search engine.

Search Engine Optimisation though can be a fairly lengthy process and even when you’ve got your site in good standing, it can still be knocked off the top. AdWords give the internet marketer, and your company a way around this. Simply commit to Google that you will give them so much per click you get, and easy as that, you’re top of the page.

Google AdWords isn’t necessarily the best fit for all businesses but it is definitely something you should know about.

What do you want from AdWords

To put it simply, AdWords merely put you at the top of the search engine results and drive extra traffic to your website. You pick the words, and the description that appears and pay for every click that goes through. Much like any aspect of advertising though, you must consider the reason for doing this, and the consequences.

After all, hits do not equate to sales to you directly. You obviously need to have people complete some action on your site to make it worth your while. These are referred to as conversion rates and you can use AdWords tools to track this. To make sure people do what you want of them, you need to get things in the right context. This means your ad text, both link and description, should reflect the page that the user is going to end up on. Also you should ensure basic things, such as a good easy to use site are in place to accommodate this new traffic.

Choose your words carefully

To get the most out of AdWords and provide the potential clients with a good experience, you need to pick the correct AdWords. Now, you may have the luxury of paying a marketing consultant to hone down the right words, but some businesses do not have the luxury of this. If you are in the latter boat then here are a couple of tips to help you get the most from your campaign.

Try to understand what it is your target market is looking for. For example, if you wanted to market your IT Support services *LINK* then you need to know what people are searching for when looking for it. You could set up a campaign in which your ad got triggered when people searched for computer services, computer support, and PC Support. It may conspire though that people looking for these services are searching using IT Support, resulting in you missing out. Use the Google AdWords keyword research tool to help you look for the appropriate keywords.

Use power words in both your description and keywords where appropriate. People are searching for free things, secret things and downloads every day. Studies show that AdWord campaigns using these get a higher click through rate so why not take advantage. Just make sure you are not misleading people into clicking, as otherwise they’ll leave straightaway and you’ll have lost money.

Is it for you?

Whether you are an expert or not, AdWords can be a very powerful tool that genuinely helps some businesses make more money. They aren’t for everybody though and the cost can add up quickly. I recently wrote an article about using the AdWord coupons*link* that you will inevitably have.

So I’d say use them, give it a go, and see if it is right for you.