online marketing An Introduction to Google’s online Advertising Services

Nowadays, the Internet is considered the best place to start a new business, advertise, sell products, and achieve overall financial success. You probably know something  about Google AdSense, AdWords, and other Google-related advertising programs, however If you’re new to all these concepts, having a short background on Google AdSense, AdWords, and other related terms will help you jumpstart your business online.

Two Sides of the Coin

Google AdSense and Google AdWords – two words that make many starting entrepreneurs scratch their heads. Let’s just say that both of these advertising programs are related in that AdWords is the flip side of AdSense and vice versa.

Essentially, people advertise using AdWords and these ads show up by people using AdSense on their websites. Google AdSense is an advertising program that Web publishers or website owners can use to make money on their sites by displaying targeted Google ads on their webpages. Essentially that means you can make money from your site not just by advertising your services and selling products but just by people clicking the ads on your site.

 Approved by Google.

Before you as a website owner can display ads (from other businesses) and earn income on your web page, Google must first approve the website. AdSense is “contextual advertising”, meaning that AdSense advertisements are related to the content of the pages on which those ads are shown. For example, if your website is about detox diet, don’t expect to see dog food ads on your site and be paid for it.

Also, AdSense allows you to earn money by providing Google search to your site visitors. AdSense ads can give extra value to your website by directing users to other online resources which are related to the topic of your site.

There can be risks with this however, ads for competitors could be showing up on your site and users may leave your site where you might otherwise have got business. This is why you must weigh up the positives and negatives of having the AdSense on your site. Perhaps you may decide to put them on your blog and not your main site – or you may think it to be too much a risk so not bother.

Two Sides of the Story

As I said above, AdSense is the other side of the coin in the Google advertising world. For people to get their ads in AdSense they use AdWords. I’ll be writing more extensive guides about AdWords in a later blog but here are the basics.

Google AdWords is “pay-per-click advertising” which allows businesses to create ads and display them to their target audience based on keywords that are related to their content. In Google AdWords, business owners and marketers create short ads that are closely related to the searched keyword/s, and then allow the short ads to be shown on the target audience’s websites.

When creating an AdWord campaign, you would say how much you would be willing to pay per click and when somebody searches for the relevant term you [might] show up near the top of the results – or on an AdSense advert on somebody else’s website. If the searcher were to click on your ad you would then be charged.

The great appeal of AdWords then is in the fact you are only paying for results.

Just the Tools

To put things in simply – In AdSense, you are the “publisher” and you are paid for displaying other people’s ads. In AdWords, you are the “advertiser”, and you pay Google for displaying your short ads on other websites.

These things can both make your business more money however they are only the tools which go on top of a solid foundation. You need a good website with interesting content for people to visit so they might click on the AdSense Ads. You also need a good relevant website with AdWords because if people click the ads, you may get more traffic, but if they leave immediately – you’ve paid for nothing…

Build great content first and you can’t go wrong.