adwords Let’s Start using those AdWords CouponsBecause they must be piling up by now

Everybody’s doing online business these days, or at least it seems like it. Though I’m sure in reality that some of you might not be taking advantage of all the recourses out there. I commented to a business friend of mine the other day about how you would think Google would know to stop sending me mail encouraging me to ‘start’ using AdWords – considering I first used it a couple of years ago.

His reaction though was to point out that he’d never bothered. Despite being given free AdWords credit to use by everything you seem to sign up for nowadays, he’d never bothered using it. So it’s time for a change, if you have some of that free credit it’s time to put it to use, the business is out there to be had.

So what do you want to achieve?

I gave a brief introduction to AdWords in a previous blog (introduction to google’s online advertising services) and I will write some more detailed guides in the future, but for now let’s keep it simple. You are going to pick search terms which potential customers are searching for and pay to be at the top of the results. So what you have to decide is what part of your website you want them going to.

Now it might be you want general traffic to raise awareness of your business so you send them to your home page. Or you may want to bolster and promote a certain area so send them there. If you want them to buy something from you as a result then pick keywords that match the search of somebody ready to buy.

AdWords Terms

If this is your first time delving into the world of AdWords then you’re going to come across various new terms, here is a quick look:

Cost-per-Click (CPC): AdWords uses CPC pricing which means you pay after somebody clicks on your ad, no upfront cost as there would be with traditional advertising – and don’t worry you can set a limit for how many clicks you get.

Quality Score: This is the measure of the quality of your keyword and ad. It helps determined how much you have to set your minimum bid to be (higher QS = Lower minimum bid) and where your ad appears. Based on ad relevance and historical performance.

Minimum Bid: The least amount you would have to pay per click to appear in the search results. Based on you QS and how many other users are bidding at the same keywords.

Click through Rate: A measure of the amount of users clicking through your ads.

There are many more terms but this should get you by for now.

How much is this going to cost

The appeal of AdWords is the cost control. I do a lot of traditional adverts, for both myself and clients and know that having to pay upfront and hope that the results come in always leaves a slightly nervous taste in the mouth. With AdWords you can choose exactly how much each click is worth to you.

Say for instance you believe that out of every 100 people visiting your site that 1 would purchase something which gives you £100 profit you can say that those clicks are worth just under £1 to you. By paying for advertising like this and setting limits on how much you end up spending, it can be a great, cost-effective way to advertise.

Using the Coupon

I won’t go through the actual process of activating the coupon (it’s self-explanatory) but know that in the most common promotion type – get £75 free when spending your first £25. The credit is applied after you’ve used the initial £25 – don’t worry it is coming!

So go ahead, start advertising and measure the benefits, we’ll look at analysing the results later but for now use the free credit to experiment and have fun.