money 620x465 Should you pay to increase Web Traffic

The pros and cons of online ads

Services like AdWords are a great tactic to drive more hits to your website. Without having to pay upfront for SEO services, you can be sure to be near the top of Google and reap the rewards which come with having good website traffic. Sometimes however, it isn’t that simple. AdWords aren’t right for everyone, and whilst results based advertising may seem like a no risk proposition, if it were that good then everyone would be doing it.

Increased quantity does not always mean increased quality. Having lots of visitors on your website means nothing if they do not follow through with the desired calls to action. Furthermore, the increase hits from low quality sources could actually hurt you web presence. You may not be able to analyse what actually customers want as you get flooded with positive but worthless stats.

Website Traffic is Important

First of all, know that getting website traffic is important. After all if you had the nicest shop in the world, it wouldn’t be much good if nobody saw it. When thinking about methods of increasing web traffic though a change in how some people think about it should be considered. Obviously it’s a simple proposition to look to increase the number of visitors but instead aim to get more actions of a certain type complete – like filling out a contact form.

Now the best way to get traffic is via a source which gives you targeted website traffic. This is to say people who see the link to your website and is clicking it because they know you will be able to provide for them. This way you can expect much higher conversion rates however even this is no guarantee.

The costs of pay-per-click

As I mentioned above, pay-per-click advertising can seem like a no-brainer in terms of advertising. I’ve spoken to companies who tried to convince me they were paying only for results and therefore it was definitely working. The only problem is that this isn’t true. You need to monitor the people who are entering your website this way to see if it is actually worth it.

PPC advertising can add up in cost quickly, spiralling to high costs. Now sometimes this is worth it and sometimes not. A good thing to do is actually sit down and calculate how much each click is worth to you. For example if 1 out of every 100 visitors buys a £150 TV from you and you make £50 profit from that – then each click is worth 50p to you. (Slightly less if you would like to make money).

So how much is each click costing you? If less than 50p then keep going but sometimes it might turn out you are losing money – even if more sales are occurring.

Take a look at yourself

Whether or not paying for traffic is good for your businesses will likely only something you know after you’ve tried it. There is something you should do however, to give it its best chance. Too many websites are not up to scratch to receive the extra hits and this should be addressed first. There is no point in spending money driving traffic to you website if what is there is not worth seeing.

Don’t cut corners on quality Web Design in Favour of advertising. Quality will bring traffic – not the other way round.