social media more A Bit More about Social Networking for Beginners.

Because there’s a lot to know

Yesterday I wrote a blog about Social Networking as an introduction for those who didn’t use/know about it. In the time that’s passed since posting that, two things have happened. 1) We crossed the 100 follower mark (111 and counting) which took about 6 days from starting out. 2) People have been asking me what they should actually do on social networks.

It’s a fair enough question. The blog yesterday was focusing on explaining the general term of social networking and why it is so useful. However it really didn’t really touch on where to start.

Having started building this veritable social empire, I thought I would share some of what I’ve learnt about social networking and we could embark on the journey together. I have also been advising clients in this area for a couple of years so I know a little bit about where to start. So let’s go!

Choices, Choices, Choices

Choice is a good thing. Everyone except the staunchest of communists knows that. However with so many social networks to choose from, starting out can be a daunting prospect in itself. To decide, there are things to consider. For instance, what are you to do on these Social Networks?

I spoke yesterday about the types of Social Networks in terms of content based and microblogging. I always think you should hit a combination of both. Use content based social networks to show off pictures, and media about your company to give people a taste of your company and get them wanting more. Use microblogging to keep people up to date and engaged. Talk to people, and keep people talking about you by saying what you are doing.

As for the choice itself, it really is about how much you are willing to take on. I would say minimum Twitter and Facebook. If you have time to maintain more, then LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest are also great. Lastly, if you really have time and dedication to put in then start producing videos for YouTube – obviously this can be a huge undertaking, but without a doubt an amazing way to connect to people.

Connecting on the go

Now this may seem like a no brainer to many of you but I think it’s important to emphasize  All of these social networks can be easily accessed on your phone. I use a Windows Phone, and even I manage to log in and keep updated with all my social networks.

This is important because of the nature of the social networks. Yes, your posts should have your company in mind, but the Social aspect is just as important. It needs to be fun, informal and engaging. This is why I point out the ease of mobile connectivity, it means you can easily share photos, spontaneous happenings and most of whatever is going on in your head.

Starting Out

I’m not going to explain how to set up any social accounts, it’s extremely easy for all of them. After you’ve set them up though the question is what to do?

Answer: Post Something

And after that?

Answer: Post some more.

Fundamentally the most important things to do with the social networks is to stay engaged. There is something tragic about seeing a twitter link on a website, and following it to find a baron wasteland devoid of anything. Social Networking is something which you get out of what you put in.

So why not start putting in…