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A blog about blogs

Writing a blog is a great thing for your business. I started this blog for that purpose and I’ve read from multiple sources which call it essential. It allows you to connect directly with the people who read and visit your website, and gives people a reason to come back to your website.

A little while ago I talked about the benefits of guest blogging and all the benefits it had. What I didn’t really talk about though was the successful blog strategies for yourself. Though I’ve recommended blogging and given advice in the past as part of being a marketing consultant, I wanted to have written my own blog for a bit before I imparted my advice.

So here it is.

What do you blog about?

I put off writing a blog myself for years because of this one question. It can be very daunting to start a blog because you don’t really know what to blog about. Or in many cases you can think of couple of ideas but know that you need way more.

Firstly I want to point out that don’t worry if you only have a couple of ideas because once you start it is so much easier to think of things. Blogs are relatively informal and so you can have quite a lot of freedom. After I wrote my first blog I made a list of 20 blog titles for ideas later if I ran out. This is only the second title that was on that list.

Just blog about something you know a little about and enjoy. If possible blog about something different, or just in a way that is different to others. Don’t just be a voice in the crowd.

Offer your expertise

Most blogs, including this very one are offering advice about a certain topic. It stands to reason that as somebody who works in this field, I know about web design, marketing etc. My blog therefore explains some of these features. If you are an accountants then blog about the financial world, or how I sort out my year end, or how Sage works.

You’re not there to brag though. Save your marketing speak for press releases and your salesmen. Blogs connect people and grow a readership. Speak to people.

Finding your Voice

I’ve read various Blogs about blogging which often give the advice that you should find your voice. This always slightly irks me as it’s so vague it’s foolish. Its obviously about finding a way to make yourself unique enough so people have a reason to come and visit your blog as opposed to others. But How? Here:

  • Be Authentic – actually write what you feel, don’t just go through the motions
  • Transparency – Be yourself, it’s the easiest way to connect (and frankly makes writing the blogs easier)
  • Immerse yourself – imagine yourself as a reader, reading your blog – is it interesting?
  • Suggest feedback – ask your audience what they do and don’t like
  • Enjoy – Just write for the fun – it takes time to establish a blog (we’re hardly there yet ourselves), so enjoy writing it a see where it gets you.

Share it out

Hopefully you found something useful on here for your blogging journey. Why not leave a link to your blog in the comments and build a new audience.