video 620x412 Video Marketing for you and your businessGetting your business in the limelight

One of the big parts of our business is animation. We call it animation because its all done using CGI and rendered images. However its purpose is always to promote and sell products and services, essentially we create video marketing campaigns.

Every business person knows that you need to take advantage of new advertising techniques and video marketing is heavily on the rise, even for small companies.

So what do you need to know?

If you’re in a business where your products need instructions, then you’ve undoubtedly come across situations where somebody just didn’t get it. Sometimes you can explain and explain and they just don’t understand. This may have been about a specific problem or a general service but either way, people aren’t going to buy something that they don’t understand.

Pictures paint a thousand words but videos can express things words cannot explain. You can show how to set up your product, what it does and what the result will be. All of this condensed into a length your potential customer can absorb in a short time. And the great thing, you only have to do it once, after that you can talk to, and demonstrate to people all over the world with no effort.

A well-made video makes people want to watch. It makes them hold your company in high regard and makes them want to show others.

Video Marketing and YouTube

You say video marketing, people think YouTube. There are many other video platforms out there to distribute your media, however YouTube offers one of the easiest to get started with. It also has by far the biggest user base, though with that comes the problem of getting lost in the sea of videos being uploaded every minute.

I would always say start with YouTube. They have a great content delivery system across the world allowing your video to shine in its high definition glory. It will also allow you to build subscribers through a recognised platform who will do the job of spreading your videos for you.

Video Marketing and SEO

Video results do well in search results. Now whilst you’re unlikely to have that video directly on your website – though this may become more common due to HTML5 – you are still getting good exposure on the search engines. Not only this, but your video should also use annotations, links in the description and other calls to action which will give you hits from people watching the video on these platforms.

Search results notwithstanding, if you embed your video on your website (note: definitely do this) studies have shown that it reduces bounce rates (the rate at with people leave without looking at more than one page). The quality factor people assume when they see you have video packages showing off your work makes people want to see more.

Video Marketing and You

There is so much that can be gained through video marketing that it really should be one of a business’s priorities nowadays. We help small businesses create something stunning but it can be done very simply.

All you need is a camera, your passion, and you can show the world that you mean business.