unethical seo 620x473 Watching out for Unethical SEO

Sneaky techniques will get you nowhere

Search Engine Optimisation is nowadays one of the most important parts of growing your online business, and with the online side of business taking precedence – it can be the difference between success and failure. There are two things about SEO though – it takes time and is not easy to do. People need to know exactly what they are doing, be thorough and let the work they do take effect.

The offshoot of this though has been firms who cheat the system. They use quick fixes to trick search engines into giving good rankings fast. They use this evidence to get more clients and at first everything seems good. Unfortunately for you, search engines don’t like being tricked. This will mean your website will be penalised and you’ll end up in a worse position then you started.

The problem is, you have to spot these unethical SEO firms, so I thought I’d point out a few red flags which should keep you out of trouble.

Over hyping possible results

Hyping up your business and showing off about what it can do is common practice for all businesses. After all you want to sell your wares to other people and you need them to know how good you are. This is no different for SEO companies, but only to a point.

The reality of SEO is it’s pretty hard to guarantee anything. The best SEO Company in the world knows it has competitors doing the same thing for similar companies. Therefore they would never guarantee you be the top of Google. There are too many factors involved to know this, and you should be wary of any company that promises more than just the front page.

Donning a Black Hat

Black Hat SEO is that which tries to improve a sites ranking based on techniques not approved by a search engine. Or by exploiting the rules to gain an advantage. They are the epitome of short term gain, as search engines do find them and penalise them. Here are some of the techniques:

-          Keyword Stuffing – the unnecessary repetition of keywords on a page

-          Misleading/Hidden Content – You can use styling and scripts so a human visitor won’t see the same content a search engine will.

-          Doorway/Gateway Pages – These are pages designed for Search Engines not humans

-          Link Farming – Getting lots of backlinks through exchanges and for no other purpose than SEO

Don’t fall into the temptation

These SEO techniques are attractive because they offer quick and cheap ways to increase your presence in Google – but don’t be tempted. Google and other search engines are always increasing the intelligence of their algorithms and more and more sites are getting demoted for using dodgy techniques.

SEO is a lengthy process, but it is at its heart pretty simple. Make quality content that people want to read. After all the cream does rise to the top.