ecommerce web design 620x410 Creating your ecommerce Website

Making the best of yourself online

There were times when only those with big budgets could compete in the online marketplace. They could outbid your AdWords, and put ad banners everywhere to make sure everybody was going to their place. Those days are gone though, the increase of social media makes it easy and cheap to get your message out and when somebody finds you and likes your business, they can easily share your business with their friends.

Ecommerce websites allow you to sell your goods to a global audience with little input. They do however require some thoughts and considerations to make a successful go of it. You should enlist the help of professional web services and they can set you up and make sure you get off to a good start. That is because there are areas that need to be focused on carefully in the process of creating your ecommerce website.


People too often get distracted by fancy bells and whistles when creating their website. Images flying around the screen or taking too long to load are an unwelcome put off. If they are coming to your website for a very specific reason, they may put up with it but in most cases not. Chances are they could buy elsewhere and they will if your site is confusing.

The most important thing in an ecommerce website is its usability. Make the process of finding and buying the product as quick and easy as possible. You can’t go wrong.

Standards Compliant

Knowing the nuances between different web browsers is where the expertise of a web designer comes to the fore. Things created and checked in Google Chrome can look very different in Internet Explorer. This is the nature of web design and if you do not know what you are looking for you may create trouble for yourself.

If everybody using Firefox can’t buy because your website doesn’t work then you have a problem. Standards compliance is a must.

Show off

Highlighting what your specialty is key to making people want to buy. After all, in many cases its available on Amazon and I know they are available. Whether images or video clips, a web designer will be able to give you a platform to show off what makes you special. Throw a couple of testimonials in as well and people will trust and buy from you.


Things can get overlooked when making an ecommerce site yourself. People sometimes see the ecommerce as online only and leave out contact details. This can be a big problem, often when people buy from someone for the first time, they check to find the contact details just in case. If a site has an address and phone number in their country they trust them more.

Put your phone number and contact details in clear easy to find places.


People are mobile these days and it’s increasing. You should set up your site so that it’s available to all people on all devices. Once upon a time this was done by directing to mobile sites, but this is inelegant and outdated. Nowadays we have responsive design, the page automatically resizes and restructures to ensure whatever device you’re on, it looks great.


Lastly, tracking and statistics set up by a web designer can help you react to what your customers want. If you know that a lot of people are searching for a specific product then put that front and centre. You can take feedback and suggestions on board and constantly improve the site to make it a powerful, productive part of your business.

Setting you on your path

There is nothing wrong with making your own website, but as you can see there a lots of factors to consider. Often its better that you do your task of sourcing and creating great products and outsource things like web design and development to an expert. That little extra investment will pay off in the long term.