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3068147392 46034e1f7e Which Websites best for you? Part 2: Brochure Style Websites

Kick Start Yourself on the Web

When a company first gets itself on the Web (especially if its a start up company) they want something quick and at little cost. Much like a small brochure can succinctly showcase your products and services, a bespoke brochure style website is your quick and easy start on the web.

Brochure Style Websites

Key Features

  • Unique Design
  • Quickest to Produce
  • Suitable for Small Businesses
  • Static Pages
  • Generally Lowest Cost

A brochure style website is a static series of webpages to advertise your products and services. These websites are the most basic in terms of content and interactivity for visitors.

All aspects of the site are hardcoded and therefore any changes require knowledge of HTML or you would need to go via your web designer. For this reason, these style sites are most suitable for companies whose products and/or services are unlikely to change often.

By having less in the way of complex, interactive elements, a lot of emphasis can be placed on the design so the end results can be particularly stunning. Also, with less time needed for development, these are often quite quick websites to set up, and cost the least amount.

For these reasons many start-up companies and small businesses without a web presence opt for this style website. It should also be noted that upgrading from these types of sites to a Content Managed System can be done later.