cms 620x619 Which Websites best for you? Part 1: Content Management System

Take Control of you own Site

We create bespoke websites that are specifically tailored to individual customers. To this end we talk you though the different options available to you in terms of the kinds of websites we can create. It is always worth having an idea yourself what it is you want to get out of a website and knowing what you can get is half the battle.

To help in the process, I wanted to write a series of blogs explaining the basics of a few different types.

Content Management Systems

Key Features:

  • Add, Edit and Delete own content
  • Multiple users can log in and you can track what they do
  • Integrate eCommerce with ease
  • Run online email campaigns
  • Have greater control of content

A website using a Content Management System allows you to be in complete control of your website. It will allow you to log in, edit, modify and add content to your website even if you have little working knowledge of the internet.

Users will be able to log in from anywhere and keep the site up to date with the latest news, company blog, products and special offers. The system can log changes and events allowing you to analyse the users of your site effectively and allow your users to log in and interact with you website.

CMS is perfect for any site which features regular updates. For example an eCommerce site where you want to be able to frequently add on products, change prices, or put on special offers. Keeping a site up to date in this fashion will also help you achieve higher results in search engines as they prefer fresh content.

Content Management Systems use different coding languages and a database to keep all the data behind the scenes. As a result, they require more specialized skills to set up and thus do command a little higher cost. Often though, this cost is offset by being able to make changes to your site without the need to contact a web designer.