comment 620x619 Why Guest Blogging is great for your Business

Blogging is one of the best ways to connect to those that use your business. Whether to learn about how you work, here what features you have coming up or just for pure entertainment. Getting your voice out there and talking is great all round. The reason I started this blog, for instance, was to let more people know what we were doing as a company.

Guest blogging essentially means simply putting one or more of your blogs on somebody else’s platform. There are many platforms to go about this, some sites allow you to submit blogs through a submission form though for better results there are forums in which people request guest bloggers. Either way there are many advantages to getting involved in the world of guest blogging.

 Boost your own web traffic

With almost any guest blog out there comes links which point back to your website. These have many benefits but one immediate one is people coming looking for more. If you write a great informative/interesting/funny piece then chances are people want to read more.

This extra web traffic may then keep coming back and you have new permanent web traffic to which you can show off your wares.

 Make Great Connections

Often when guest blogging on a larger site, you will have your article appear in a specific category. This allows you to connect with similarly interested individuals in the same or related fields. These people can expand into valuable contacts and references. As well as links back to your website, be sure to include links to your social media so you can chat to them later on Twitter.

 Show off your Expertise

Show off what you know to a new group of people and reap the rewards of being an expert in your field. Nowadays, when people when they first hear about you – they Google you or your company. If they turn up articles penned by you on various different platforms, they can see you obviously know what you are talking about.

 Search Engine Optimization

The SEO benefits speak for themselves really. Backlinks to your site help your ranking and if you can get you blog on some well-respected website this can reap huge rewards.

 Hear what people think

If you have been writing a blog for a while then there is a possibility the feedback you are getting is from the same people. Putting yourself out there in a different place gives you new feedback, and a new perspective on your thoughts. You may even learn new approaches to things after some useful feedback.

 Invite them in

The last benefit I want to touch upon is if you invite a guest blogger onto your site. They will get the benefits above but you stand to gain as well. You get free well written content to appear in a searches and make your site look good. But also that person will likely bring a little bit of new web traffic onto the site through their own connections – especially if they are well respected.